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Blight Elimination Program

The Land Bank remains committed to reducing blight in Kalamazoo County, which helps prevent property value decline in surrounding homes, reduces health and safety risks to residents, and improves quality of life in struggling neighborhoods. Blighted homes, commercial or industrial structures attract and contribute to crime, are often contaminated, and are a significant drain on local government resources, like police, fire, and code enforcement. Since the Land Bank was founded in 2010, we have managed the demolition of hundreds of buildings that were falling down, contaminated, blighted, and unsafe, contributing to a more vibrant Kalamazoo and improving neighborhood stability in some of the most challenged areas.

The elimination of blight makes way for new and more productive uses of the spaces that are left behind. Vacant lots that result from demolitions often become available for purchase through the Side Lot program, or for lease through the Adopt-a-Lot program.

Fairbanks Street Before…

Former Kalamazoo Creamery on Lake St…

Now greenspace with prairie grasses and flowers

Morrow Rd Before…

Now a side lot for the neighbors