Responsible Disposition Program

The Land Bank acquires blighted homes each year that need repairs to get them back to a livable condition. Through the Responsible Disposition program, we find buyers who have a plan to fix up the property and funds to make it happen. This program is meant to break the cycle of decline that happens to homes that are bought by speculators who often don’t have the time or money to invest in the property, which continues to deteriorate and cycle back through the foreclosure process. We find people who are dedicated to bringing a vacant space back to active use. Since 2010, over 100 properties have been put to active use by using the Responsible Disposition program.

The Responsible Disposition program allows the Land Bank to offer homeownership opportunities to those who might have more to offer in sweat equity, making a rehab more efficient or feasible by private owner than through Land Bank contracted projects. The Land Bank works with neighborhood associations and local jurisdictions to identify priority properties and areas for targeted re-investment. All properties acquired by the Land Bank are assessed for highest and best use and sold accordingly.

In order to purchase a home, an applicant must submit plans for repairs needed, including timeline and cost estimates. The applicant must also submit proof of funds for the acquisition, plus the costs of reasonable repairs needed.

The Responsible Disposition program does not allow applicants to:

  • Own any property that is tax delinquent
  • Own any property that is subject to any un-remediated citation of violation of state and local ordinance
  • Own property with any history of being a site for criminal activity during the purchaser’s ownership
  • Have lost any title or had any foreclosure filings against any property within three years

*Applicants must reside in Kalamazoo County or designate a local agent authorized to accept notice on behalf of the purchase if non-Kalamazoo resident

If you are interested in buying a Land Bank home through the Responsible Disposition program, please read the above restrictions carefully, then contact our Assistant Director at (269) 216-9870 to see if this program is a good fit for you and to get application instructions. You can check for available homes through our Property Search. Use the filter to search for Residential Improved properties.

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