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ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES  for Eastside Commercial Corridor Project

Vacant Structure:
1616 E. Main (06-14-261-003)

Vacant Parcels:
1628 E. Main (06-14-256-005)
1601 E. Main (06-14-255-030)
560 Phelps (06-14-261-001)
629 Edwin (06-14-261-006)
627 Edwin (06-14-261-105)

Responses Due: May 20, 2019

Any questions regarding this solicitation must be submitted in writing either to 1523 Riverview Drive, Suite A, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49004 or by email to Contract will commence upon completed execution and continue until Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is received and all legitimate Payment Requests have been received and honored.

Anticipated Award date – by May 31, 2019
First Stakeholder Input Sessions – June, 2019
Final Stakeholder Input Sessions – July 2019
Final Site Plan and Concept Plans with preliminary
City approvals and cost estimates –August 9, 2019
Anticipated Construction – 2020/2021 (subject to fundraising campaign for project)

RFQ – ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES  for Eastside Commercial Corridor Project

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