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The Kalamazoo County Land Bank Authority is soliciting bids for a Hard Surface Labyrinth & Signage for Eastside Gateway Pocket Park.  Please see attached RFP and return your bid by Friday, September 6, 2019.

Please submit questions and proposals to: 
Kelly Clarke
Executive Director, Kalamazoo County Land Bank

Hard Surface Labyrinth RFP
Hard Surface Labyrinth RFP Addendum


The Kalamazoo County Land Bank Authority (on behalf of the Kalamazoo County Treasurer) is soliciting bids for Demolition of 4 Houses before August 24, 2019.  Please see attached IFB and return your bid by July 18, 2019; 10:00 AM.

Questions?  Please call Kenn Hartmann at  269-216-9669

Invitation to Bid: RESIDENTIAL DEMOLITION, SUMMER 2019 (4 Houses)
675 Ferris Street – Consumers Energy Report
675 Ferris Street – ACM Report
517 Lulu Street
3408 Hoover Street
1015 Albert Ave

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To join our Contractor Bid List, please fill out this form. Your application will be included on the Kalamazoo County Land Bank’s Master Bid List for 24 months from the date on the application.

Please note:  It is your responsibility to update our office if any changes are made to your contact information. Thank you!